2010 topps triple header

Two trips out of town finally allowed me to pick up my first three packs of 2010 Topps. Here is the Topps haul. I decided to give an subjective score of 1 – 10 for each card to see what pack reigns supreme. Let the pack battle begin!

Pack 1

Tim Wakefield – The first card of 2010 goes to the Sox 376 year old starting pitcher. I can dig it, long live Tim Wakefield! Score 7

Rich Harden – First Cubs card and it is not a card of a scubb bench player. Score 6

Craig Counsell – Scrawny funny swinging guy who is in MLB to the amusement of adonis like “athletes” such as Glenn Braggs. Score 5

Toppstown Evan Longoria – I don’t much care for Toppstown, but I also graduated from elementary school. Longoria will be an interesting player to watch, although for my money I would rather have Ryan Zimmerman on my team. Score 7

Legendary Lineage Babe Ruth Alex Rodriguez – Can’t argue with the idea or the players except for the fact that they are Yankees. As Babe Ruth would say, “You call this a baseball team, where are the fat guys?” Score 9 (no yankees card can be a 10. MY rule)

Peak Performance Mickey Mantle – A step below the last card. Do we really need more Mantle cards? Score 8

Cincinnati Reds Team Card – My old home team has fallen on hard times. Score 6

Minnesota Twins Team Card – If Joe Mauer leaves the Twins, see the previous card. Score 7

Albert Pujols – Now for some intelligent commentary. WOOHOO ALBERT FREAKING PUJOLS! Score 10

Joe Nathan – Great closer. Score 7

Josh Hamilton – You know the story. I like the guy. Score 8

Anthony Swarzak – Who? Score 1

Total 81

Pack 2

CC Sabathia Yankees Ace. Would fulfill Ruth’s “fat guy” requirement. Eats innings, and cheeseburgers. Score 8.

Tim Stauffer. Meh Score 1

Miguel Tejada – I just got a call from 2002 and they want their good players back. Score 5

Gil Meche – Poor guy, plays for the Royals. Score 2

Dustin Richardson – Red Sox rookie, we shall see. Score 3

Boston Red Sox Team History – My new home town team, who I like, but what is with the flags? Score 8.

Cards Your Mom Threw Out 1988 Nolan Ryan – My mom never threw out the 1988 Topps Nolan Ryan. You Lie Topps! I don’t care, Nolan Ryan is the man! Score 9

Topps Million Card Giveaway Featuring 1970 Carl Yastrzemski All Star – Finally a million card giveaway, update up next. Score 6

Toppstown Hanley Ramirez Toppstown discount + former Sox = overgrown meh. Score 6

Nate Robertson – The goggles give this card an extra point. Score 4

Jeff Francoeur – Seems washed up already. Score 3

Pablo Sandoval – Kung Fu Panda! Score 4

Score 59

Pack 3

Cody Ross – Marlins guy. Don’t care. Score 4

Pat Neshek – Common + Blogger = awe some. Score 9

Bobby Abreu – 2005 called , told me to tell 2002 they said hi. Score 5

Chad Tracy – Good player. Who cares. Score 4

NL Wins Leaders Wainwright, Carpenter De La Rosa.- A Rockies Pitcher? Son of a gun. Score 6

Nl HR Leaders Pujols Fielder Howard – That is a lot of freaking muscle. The Detroit Lions are on the phone. Score 8

Peak Performance Raul Ibanez – Good player, no Mickey. Score 6

Legendary Lineage Mike Schmidt Evan Longoria – Like the set. Not sure if the connection is the best. Score 6

Toppstown Andrew McCutchen – Gains 1 point for the fact I saw him play in person for the Indy Indians. Score 6

Ty Wigginton – Common. Score 2.

Orlando Hudson – Talkative infielder is talkative. – Score 4

Ja Happ all star rookie team – Decent card for the last. Score 5.

Score 65

Gold medal goes to Pack 1

Silver Pack 3

Bronze Pack 2


One Response to “2010 topps triple header”

  1. Derek Miller Says:

    I like your scoring idea. Albert Freakin Pujols!!!

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