A move and and a milestone

Once again, I have been a long time without a post, but I have a good reason. In the last couple of weeks, I packed up and moved to a new state. So for a few weeks I didn’t have time nor money for cards. Now we are settling in to a new area, I went to look for some cheap cards and did quite well for myself. This leads to the milestone, which is I now have 140 different pro football hall of famers. I will now show the 10 newest players I need for the collection. Any help in this manner would be helpful.

Zimmerman, Gary

Should be real easy to get. If you have one, I would like to have it.

Campbell, Earl

Only has one card from his playing career.

Sayers, Gale GOT IT

Bears legend has cards that are affordable near the end of the career.

Ditka, Mike GOT IT

I can get cards from his days on the Eagles. Bears card, not so much.

Taylor, Jim

Cards are affordable, if they can picture the right guy.

Parker, Jim
Jordan, Henry
Moore, Lenny
Huff, Sam
Gregg, Forrest


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