Bob Feller 1918 – 2010

While watching MLB network, I learned about the passing of the legendary Bob Feller, pitcher, showman, hero. I was so thankful when I got this card of Feller. Years ago I was working back in Indiana and I had a co-worker who had cards his grandmother gave him but he did not know what they were. I said he should bring them in. I was stunned when they were 1952 Topps. In that stack, there was this card of Bob and I was really shocked. I told him I would love to buy it, but I knew it was out of my price range. About a week later, he came up to me and handed me a AOL cd case (to show how long ago it was) and said he wanted me to install this on his computer for him. When I opened the case, the cards, including Bob was in there and he said, “Merry Christmas.” He was not a big baseball fan and he felt that the cards would have a good home with me. Thank you buddy, wherever you are and rest in peace Mr. Feller.

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