My first purchase in 2011

After weeks of waiting, I was finally able to find a card I was wanting on eBay, used my ebay bucks certificate and picked up this 1958 Topps Les Richter card for 95 cents. While Mr. Richter is not in the hall of fame, in a week he may be as one of the two senior candidates. If you do not know about him, here are five facts about Mr. Richter

1. He was born in Fresno, CA, played his college ball at Cal and was the number two overall pick by the NFL’s New York Yanks.

2. He was involved in the second largest trade in NFL history when he was traded to the Rams for 11 players.

3. As a Linebacker for the LA Rams, Les made eight pro bowls with 2 times being a first team selection and 3 times being a second team selection.

4. He scored 193 points in his career, 1 TD, 106 XP and29 FG.

5. After his football career ended, he became a top executive in NASCAR of all things..


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