Two New HOF Rookies

After too long without significant card money, I was finally able to go to a flea market. There  is a guy there who sells football and baseball cards and he had cards in cases, a few boxes of dollar cards and boxes of quarter cards. A few days ago, I stopped by to look at some things and found a card I had be looking for a while. He had it at 30 dollars which was way out of my price range. I asked him about it and told him it was out of my range. He said he would part with it for 15 dollars. I didn’t have the money a few days ago but was able to come up with it today. I dug through dollar and quarter boxes and came up with a nice little hof stack for a total of 20 bucks. The two rookies were a 1984 Dwight Stephenson, who was a great center for the Dolphins before an injury ended his career. The other card was a 1979 Earl Campbell, a great running back whos conflict with Topps ended with Campbell only being on one card. The Campbell was a find for me as a HOF collector and the Stephenson was a great bonus for a quarter. This also means I am now sitting on 150 different Hall of Famers and 306 different cards. I would have never guessed when I started how big this collection would get.

Here are the new guys.


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