And now, for the back of the card

Blogs about sports cards in general, and mine particularly, seem to skew their coverage to the front of the card. This makes sense in a way. The front is where you see the design of the set and the picture of the players in question. And if you are lucky you may see something that was not supposed to be there like the naughty language on Billy Ripken’s Fleer card. The back though, is where I learned about the players I was watching on TV. Remember kids, back in those days normal people did not have internet (shudder!). Since I finally tracked down the Earl Campbell rookie, I thought it may be time to look at the back of the card. For those who do not recognize, the title of today’s post is a Paul Harvey reference. Nothing but the most topical references here on this blog!

First thing I notice is that rookie campaign, 1450 years is a ton for a rookie and 13 touchdowns would make a lot of fantasy football owners content. I and kind of surprised Topps did not do draft pick cards back then. It seems to me Topps was trying a little bit to hard with the back design for this year. I can remember when I was a kid, if I saw a home town that was close to mine, I would think that was cool. This makes me wonder if kids in Tyler would take careful note of this guys card. By far the most amusing aspect of this card is the bottom cartoon stating that Earl was affiliated with a chewing tobacco firm. I can not imagine this being on anyone’s card these days. Not even mentioning with medical advancements being what they are, who in pro sports still uses that crap. If Topps were smart, they would have made a cartoon saying, this will be the only card he will have with us!


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