Interesting question, but maybe only to me

I have been on eBay for a unhealthy amount of time lately because I have had some money to drop on the old card collection. While this is great, it has also brought up an interesting predicament.  This is the question, lets say i have enough for one high dollar (for me) card.  I can pick up a card that would knock a name of the list of football hall of famers, OR, I can get a rookie card of a legendary player that I already have. An example, I have a Roger Staubach card, but I could get his rookie as well or I can get a Norm van Brocklin card which is someone I do not have.  What would you do in that instance? If you would leave a note in comments I would appreciate it as I would like to see the feedback from the community at large.


One Response to “Interesting question, but maybe only to me”

  1. White Sox Cards Says:

    If my original goal was to get one of each football HOF player (or some similar goal), I would probably go with the card of the player I do not already have. If I were to go after the rookie card of the player I do have instead, that player would have to have a strong enough connection for me to stray from my original goal. Hope that helps somewhat.

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