Today would have been my dad’s 85th birthday. He was a great influence on many facets of my life, but for this post I want to talk about his interest in cards and sports as I grew up. As I think back, I can remember how he would pick up packs of cards if he saw them around town. This was back when people could actually find cards in grocery stores and the like. When I was sick with chicken pox in the 3rd grade, I think he bought cards every day. When a kid from the local HS was drafted by the Yankees, he purchased so many packs so we could have a card of the local kid. He would talk about seeing Stan Musial and Johnny Vander Meer in Cincinnati and years later I was able to take him back to see the Reds play in person. I remember how we were astonished at the price of 1989 Upper Deck, 1.09 a pack!! The last time I saw him, he and mom came from Indiana to Massachusetts to visit us. The one thing he wanted to bring with him was a 1971 Ted Williams card to give me. Although he is not here physically, his spirit lives on. One day I will catch up with him again in the afterlife, and we can talk of old Reds, 50 cent packs of cards and all the good times.


2 Responses to “Dad”

  1. Potch Says:

    Very nice post. What a great thing to have memories like that – and great feelings about your Dad.

  2. Chris S. Says:


    Sounds like your Dad was a great guy.

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