The thrill of the chase, and a new RC

This post was originally going to be about my new baseball card, and I will show the card at the end of the post. However, I found the process of some bidding I did today to be more amusing, so I am going to write about it. I will not mention the cards by name, as I want to keep them a surprise for a future post. So a few days ago, I saw an auction that was not very well titled, but the contents intrigued me. I set it to my watch list and figured I would not bid on it. Since it ended today, I looked at it and it was still a good deal for what was in the collection. I have the worst known luck with auctions so my wife told me how to have a chance, have two windows open one with the timer and the other with you highest bid all set to confirm. With less the 60 seconds to go, you confirm and hope for the best. I put in a bid I knew would not cut it with two hours to go, just for kicks and giggles. As I watched it, I wondered who else was in on it and how far were they willing to go. I knew if I got it I would have a good deal as one card would be worth the entire thing. Also the other cards were partially obscured but I could figure out what some of them were and they were ones I wanted. So it gets down to the last minutes, I have everything ready and my joke bid is still leading. With about 75 seconds to go, my wife says , “internet’s down”. I thought she was joking! Oddly enough, she wasn’t and I went on a mad dash to get the internet back up. The router was reset; I reloaded my page and confirmed the bid with… THREE SECONDS TO GO!! Amazingly enough, I won with a bid far below what I had put as a maximum. The whole ordeal had caught me so offguard, I was shaking. When I get the cards in hand, I will do the big post about them. In all the drama, I should introduce the card I am presenting right now, a 1977 Andre Dawson rookie, which means I have 28 different HOF rookie cards.



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