Massive eBay purchase part 1 – commons

As I wrote on Sunday, I won a auction for a group of cards despite my internet dropping two minutes before the auction ending. I finally received the package today and when I opened it, the cards were wrapped in newspaper, no plastic, just white paper and newspaper. Apparently this guy does not do cards for a living. Since this was such a big spree for my I decided to break it up into three parts, with part one being the commons. Part two will be the hall of famers and part three will be the centerpiece of the collection. Commons can be a broad spectrum, from players no one remembers to players who would have been legends had the fates been a bit kinder. These are all from the 1962 Topps set. Oh, and please forgive the scans, for some reason the scanner was acting goofy tonight.



Bill Barnes was tricky at first to find because there was a coach by that name and I thought he would be a forgotten player, but I found an article about his days at Wake Forest and found that he led the Eagles in rushing three times and the Redskins once, was a member of the 1960 Champion Eagles and an assistant coach under Norm Van Brocklin. He also still lives with his mother.


For whatever reason, Bobby Joe’s name and look belongs in the Adam Sandler movie, “the Waterboy”. While I did not find much, he did lead the league in receptions one year and was named to the Pro Bowl.

Dick James set a Redskins record with four touchdowns in one game and was elected to a Pro Bowl. He was also honored as one of the 70 greatest Redskins, which is impressive considering how long they have been a franchise.

Billy Kilmer fought problems with alchol to be quite a good NFL Quarterback. He was twice selected as an all pro, was picked as one of the 70 greatest Redskins and is in the Redskins Ring of Fame. He was also a QB for the expansion Saints as well as these 49ers in his 16 year career.

Jerry Riechow was not happy to be on this card! He should be happy he won two NFL titles, with the Eagles and the Lions. No that is not a typo, I said Lions.

Billy Stacy was the third overall pick in the 1959 draft. He ended up playing five years with the Cards intercepting 20 passes in his career. His is still talked about as a great player in Cardinals history.

Bob Toneff has the most pro Bowls so far in this group with 4 between the Redskins and the 49ers. He also went to Notre Dame, which makes him OK in my book.

The last guy Bobby Walston is look for a pass that may never get there. I will avoid the jokes of Desean Jackson playing for the Eagles in 1961 and hogging the ball then too. He was quite a player as a flanker and a kicker on the Eagles and he made the all decade team for the 1950’s.

Its interesting, we sometimes focus so much on the legendary players that we forget that each one of these guys has a story to tell and accomplishments that they can take with them forever.



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