Massive eBay purchase – part 2 the 5 HOFers

While I got a kick out of reading about the commons in the group of cards I received, they are not the reason I went after the auction. I received five Hall of Famers from the 1962 Topps set in this lot and would like to show them.

The first one is Les Richter, who was a linebacker and sometimes placekicker for the Rams. I had written about him earlier and it is nice to get a second card of this 2011 inductee.

The second card is of Tommy McDonald, the wide receiver from the Eagles. When we first moved to Delaware, I saw him on tv on this Eagles pep rally thing. I expected quiet and reserve, but he was as wacky as any on the twenty-somethings there.

The third card is of Jim Taylor, the running back of the Packers. After finding Earl Campbell and Gary Zimmerman, Taylor had a time as the newest player I needed, but thanks to this auction, that did not last long.

The fourth card is of Lou Groza, the tackle and kicker for the Browns. I love the idea of offensive lineman moonlighting as kickers. An this was when they kicked straight ahead too. The Jan Steneruds of the world would not find their way into the NFL for a few years. I think its the name, but this is a player I have been searching for a while.

The fifth card is Bart Starr, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. I am a big fan of quarterbacks and Mr Starr is one of the first big stars at that position. And this moves my 1970 Starr, one of the first cards I bought when I started this, to the back of the binder. He even looks like he should be leading the team down-field. If only the centering was a tad better…


These are the five cards that found their way into my binder but none of these were the real reason I went after this lot. That will be discussed tomarrow.



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