Collectors lament

One of the big decisions a card collector makes has to do with what they collect, players, themes or sets. Up until a few years ago I would have considered myself a theme collector with the HOF collection. I decided one day I wanted to put together a vintage set, I looked at the sets trivial book value and decided that the 1971 set was the oldest set I could realistically complete. I went into it like gangbusters, picking up cards a fast pace. At one point I had three quarters of the set compete with most of the big stars and really only missing the scarce high numbers. Eventually, I graduated from college, got married, moved a few times, and in all of that, the 1971 set lost its momentum. Now I am sitting on a set that I don’t have money to complete right now, but one that I do not want to sell either. So I decided I would take the cards from the set that I need for the baseball HOF binder, which is a collection I am actively building, and put the 1971 Topps set on hold for a while and revisit it when I have the means to do so. I pulled around a dozen cards from the set to but in the binder with these being the best of them.

Reggie looking young

Willie looking Old

Ernie looking like he was talking

Brooks looking like he just struck out

Hank looking reflective

Yaz looking hard to spell

and finally

Roberto Clemente looking heroic


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