1954 Topps Price Analysis part 1

After several weeks of relative inactivity, I thought of a new series for the blog. I had seen on a message board that a collector was tracking his progress in collecting a 1954 Topps baseball set in which every card was a PSA 7 or higher. While he will have a really nice collection when he is done, I wanted to see what would happen if a collector would try to complete that set in the cheapest grades possible. So I hit the EBay Buy it Now listings to come up with my list of cards. Since eBay changes all the time these numbers are not absolute, but it will be interesting to see how much it will run. I will do this set 25 cards at a time, beginning with number 1. The nice thing about this set is that it is only 250 cards and with the dual photos, it has a classic but modern feel to it.

1Ted Williams  PSA 1 69.95 + 4.00

The set gets started with the Splendid Splinter. Picking up this card for well under a C-note is pretty sweet seeing as I saw a PSA 2 for 115 and I’m quite sure they go up from there.

2Gus Zernial PSA 5 16.00 + 3

This is the first common from the set. At under 20 dollars this is a steal especially in a grade that would make most collectors happy.

3Monte Irvin PSA 5 24.99 + 4

I feel that Monte is one of the great players that gets overlooked.

4Hank Sauer PSA 5 20.00

5Ed Lopat PSA 5 25.00 + 2.13

6Pete Runnels  PSA 7 (OC) 19.99 + 2.89

So far, this is the highest grade card I have seen for this process, even if it is off center.

7Ted Kluszewski PSA 3 17.50

One of the all time coolest looking cards is his 1957 Topps card

8Bobby Young PSA 5 20.00 + 2.13

9Harvey Haddix PSA 5 (MC) 19.95

The fact he is known decades after his last game tells you the power of a wacky nickname and one performance for the ages.

10Jackie Robinson PSA 3 110.00

Jackie is still on my want list, but since he is on every other want list in the US, my odds of getting his card are slim, none and yeah right.

11Paul Smith PSA 5 19.00

12Del Crandall PSA 5 (MC) 10.99 + 2.69

13Billy Martin PSA 4 25.00 + 8

14Preacher Roe PSA 3 10.99 + 3.00

I really like this name. I do not know why, I just do.

15Al Rosen PSA 4 24.00

16Vic Janowicz PSA 4 12.95

17Phil Rizzuto PSA 1 24.00

Scooter is one of the few cards from this set I have.

18Walt Dropo PSA 6 19.95 + 2.69

19Johnny Lipon PSA 5 22.00

20Warren Spahn PSA 3 39.00

And this is another.

21Bobby Shantz PSA 4 14.00

If baseball was played in olden days, a fan could have a sign saying “I Shantz to think we will be victorious today.” Sounds funny to me.

22Jim Greengrass PSA 5 13.99 + 3

23Luke Easter  PSA 4 (MC) 13.95

I would have liked to see him play in his prime. From what I understand he had amazing power.

24Granny Hamner  PSA 6 19.95 + 2.69

25Harvey Kuenn PSA 5 20.00

Total 672.71 Average 26.91

For the first 25 cards, we have an average cost of 26.91, and an average grade of 4. There are also 5 Hofers including one of the big ones in Jackie Robinson. The average per card seems high, but part of that is the grading costs that the seller attempts to recoup.


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