Raymond Berry 1960 Topps

During the Super Bowl last week, some people may have wondered who was the older gentleman who brought the trophy to the stage. It was Baltimore Colts Hall of Fame wide receiver Raymond Berry. After his college career at Southern Methodist University, Berry was a 20th round draft selection in 1954. He was not a big time college player and it is surprising he was drafted at all. He was not physically gifted, but he studied the science of route running as much as anyone in his time. While in Baltimore he connected with another outcast at quarterback, Johnny Unitas. Their post practice workouts were the secret to their success as they developed a keen sense of where they and the ball would be. In thirteen years he had more Pro Bowl games (six) than fumbles (one). By the end of his career, Berry caught 631 passes for 9.275 yards and 68 touchdowns. Here is a classic card of Raymond Berry.



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