2012 Topps baseball battle one

Time to talk 2012 Topps Baseball. Every year I pick up two packs and see which pack is better. I score it one to ten with ten being awesome. First a comment about the design. I am not all that thrilled with the design. I like the white borders and the logo, but I really liked last years design and this is ok, not great. Maybe it will grow on me.

Play ball!

Pack 1
Brendan Ryan Seattle Mariners ss
If I was going to get a Mariners infielder, I would have preffered Dustin Ackley. Oh Well. 3

Craig Kimbrel Atlanta Braves P
Ace closer for now. Thats more like it. 6

Vernon Wells LA Angels OF
Veteran outfielder. Solid card. 6

Rex Brothers Colorado Rockies P SHINY
Shinyness adds one point which puts it at a 2.

Albert Pujols Golden Giveaway Code
Giveaways! 7

Albert Pujols WS Game 3
Enjoy seeing him 20 times a year Rangers fans. 7

Miguel Olivo Seattle Mariners C
Good catcher, but thats it 4

Nyjer Morgan Milwaukee Brewers OF

Roy Halladay Philadelphia Phillies P
Will see your BEAST MODE and strike it and you out. 9Image

Nick Hundley San Diego Padres C
I think I know which one that is. 4

Alex Rios Chicago White Sox OF
He is good, but meh. 4

Madison Bumgarner SF Giants P
Giants have pitchers other than Cain, Lincecum and weirdo guy? 5

Grand total – 67

pack 2

Luke Hochevar KC Royals P
Former top pick. 4

Eduardo Nunez NY Yankees SS
Yankees SS who is NOT annoying. 3

Luke Scott Baltimore Orioles OF
No Comment. 3

Jordan Zimmerman Washington Nationals P
I like the Nats, this guy could be something. 5

Willie Mays Golden Greats
Thats more like it. Best player in the pack. 9

Nolan Ryan Gold Standard
Best pitcher in pack. THE Express. 9

Desmond Jennings TB Rays OF
This kid is supposed to be good. 6

Rick Porcello Detroit Tigers P
Topps, the Tigers pitcher you were supposed to send me is spelled Verlander. 6

Denard Span Minnesota Twins OF
No shame in being DSpan. 6

David Robertson NY Yankees P
And a Yankee to close it. Bleh. 3

John Buck Miami Florida Marlins C
New Marlins logo, even though it has not been featured in a game yet. 4

Danny Duffy KC Royals P
A complete common. 2

Grand Total – 60

Two legends cant top the power of Doc and the Machine. Pack 1 wins!!


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