Top 10 football I am missing

A while back I posted about cards I am missing in my football HOF collection. I wanted to update that list.

1. Jack Butler – The 2012 inductee has three different Topps cards, all of which have been abducted by aliens.  GOT HEEEM!! 3/24/12

2. Frank Gifford – Former TV guy is really expensive. GOT HEEEM! 4/28/12

3. Mike McCormack – Browns lineman is affordable, I just have to be patient.   GOT HEEEM! 3/6/12

4. Doak Walker – He does not have any Topps cards, so I have to find a Bowman card.

5. Chuck Bednarik – I should buy this former Eagles star with a Frank Gifford card.

6. Norm Van Brocklin – This is the newest QB I need.

7. Tom Fears – The former Rams flanker is kind of expensive.

8. George Connor – This Bears cards are surprisingly affordable.

9. Len Ford – Only has a couple of cards so it is difficult to get him.

10. Arnie Weinmeister – I did not know the former Giants player had cards.

11. Henry Jordan – Forgot about him.


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