Eclectic Collection Number 3 – 1984 Ralston Purina Reggie Jackson


The Player

If Eric Davis and Jim Gantner are questionable choices for the Eclectic Stars and Favorites collection, no one would question today’s player, Reggie Jackson. In addition to his fascinating charming/unlikable mixture as a public figure, Reggie has the numbers to make this list. He finished his career with 563 home runs and 1702 RBI, which puts him above the standard on both lists. He also won the 1973 American League Most Valuable Player award and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1993.

The Set

In 1984, Ralston Purina worked with Topps to make this set. Cards were available in boxes of Cookie Crisp and Donkey Kong Junior cereals. The rest were available via mail in offer.

The Back

The background feature the Ralston Purina checker board logo while the foreground shows Reggie’s information, career statistics, 1983 statistics and career highlights. What I find fascinating about this back is the fact that Reggie Jackson did not have 500 home runs. I started watching baseball after Reggie’s career was over, so he was always a legend. If he had retired after the 1983 season, would Reggie Jackson been elected to the Hall of Fame and how would the baseball public view his career? We will never know.


One Response to “Eclectic Collection Number 3 – 1984 Ralston Purina Reggie Jackson”

  1. topher Says:

    Oh, man. I remember those damn Purina cards! Guess I ate quite a bit of Cookie Crisp when I was a kid.

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