Eclectic Collection Number 4 – 1993 Hostess Dennis Eckersley


The Player

After three hitters, it is time to put a hurler on the mound, and you cannot go wrong with Dennis Eckersley. He started his career with the Cleveland Indians as a starter, even throwing a no hitter in 1977. He was traded to the Boston Red Sox and then to the Chicago Cubs. At this point in his career, few would have guessed he would be remembered as a player. Fortunately for Eck, one big trade was in his future, to the Oakland Athletics. It was in Oakland where Eck became a legend by moving to the bullpen. He won the 1992 AL Cy Young and MVP award and became known as the most dominate closer in the game. He went on to save 390 games in his career. He finished his career with Oakland and moved on to the St Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox. In 2004 he was elected to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

The Set

In 1993, Hostess released a set of 32 cards in packages of cupcakes. I remember my dad buying the cupcakes and getting the cards that summer. It took quite a while to complete the set and I rather enjoyed the cupcakes. I had the set at one point, but lost it when I moved to Massachusetts. The design reminds me of 1986 Topps football in a way. The photos were all really good for the time and each team was represented by one player.

The Back

The back of the card is colorful, featuring a profile photo of the Eck, his last four seasons of stats, career stats and highlights. It is a nice card back for a food issue.Image


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