Eclectic Collection Number 16 – 1990 Bowman David Cone


The Player

David Cone was a great pitcher in a time of strong offenses. He had a perfect game in 1999 with the NY Yankees and a 19 strike out game in 1991 with the NY Mets. He also had a Cy Young season in 1994 for the KC Royals. He finished his career with a record of 194 -126 with a 3.46 ERA and 2688 strikeouts. Finally he was a five time World Series champion with the Toronto Blue Jays and Yankees

The Set    

This is from the 1990 Bowman set, the second set from the restarted Bowman brand and the first one that is standard size. There was a lot of talk about Bowman from those who remember it the first time, but now the 1990 Bowman is little more than a junk wax set.

The Back

The back of this card must have been fascinating in the pre internet days. The stats are not in year by year but team by team. There is also a lot of blue, keeping with the look of yesterday’s card back.




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