Eclectic Collection Number 21 – 1990 Hills Hitmen Don Mattingly


The Player

Don Mattingly was the face of the New York Yankees from the end of the Reggie Jackson years to the beginning of the Derek Jeter years. He was a first baseman with power who was one of the best fielders in the game until a back injury cut his career short. In his career, Don was picked for six all star teams, and was awarded nine gold gloves and three silver sluggers. He was also awarded the 1985 AL MVP award in which he hit .324 with 35 home runs and 145 RBI. He is retired and is now the LA Dodgers manager.

The Set

These were sold in a complete 33 card set at Hills department stores. This set was to celebrate the top sluggers in baseball in 1989.

The Back

The back of this card has what every young collector wants to see, a math equation. OK, maybe young collectors do not want to see an equation, but it would help young fans in the pre internet age know how total bases and slugging percentage are figured.  The back is also a very strange orange peach color, which is a bit unusual.



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