Eclectic Collection Number 23 – 1994 Upper Deck Jamie Moyer



The Player

Jamie Moyer is trying to make the Colorado Rockies out of spring training. That in itself is not unusual and would not be noteworthy. His career longevity is. To give you an idea how old he is, as a rookie, he beat Steve Carlton. He pitched at Wrigley Field before lights were installed. He is old enough to be his teammates father. It really blows the mind. In his four decade career with the Cubs, Rangers, Cardinals, Orioles, Red Sox, Mariners and Phillies, he won 267 games and struck out 2405 hitters, all with a fastball that does not break 85 MPH. He is old school in every way possible and a fan favorite.

The Set

The 1994 Upper Deck set was a higher end issue for the time. The front included a smaller black and white photo that was identical to the main photo. The set is best known for a baseball rookie card of a basketball legend Michael Jordan. There was also an insert card of Ken Griffey Jr and Mickey Mantle that was autographed by both of the legendary center fielders.

The Back

The back shows a couple of years of stats and career totals along with a large action photo. In the photo, I think Jamie is unleashing one of his 70 MPH fastballs.



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