Eclectic Collection Number 28 – 1993 Donruss Chipper Jones


The Back

The back has year stats, his career totals, a profile photo and a large action photo as a background for the stats. It is a busy look and very early 21st century.

 The Player\

Chipper Jones has been the face of the Atlanta Braves for two decades. From his first year as a  first overall pick to this, his final year, he has earned the respect of his teammates. fans and opponents. He was the 1999 NL MVP and a seven time all star. In his career, he has a .304 average, 454 home runs and 1561 RBI. He is one of the best ever to play for the Braves and a sure fire hall of famer.

The Set

The 1993 Donruss was a fairly standard base set for its time. While it may not hold a lot of value, I think collectors will gravitate to it as an example of nice basic set design.

The Back

The back of this card has stats and a photo. The odd thing to me is the fact that Chipper did not have any major league experience. It makes me wonder how many people who got that card in 1993 would have guessed he would have the great career.



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