Eclectic Collection Number 30 – 1994 Fleer Flair Orel Hershiser


The Player

Before a certain football player turned public prayer into a buzzword, Orel Hershiser was a great athlete who displayed his faith for all to see. The skinny New Yorker with the fighting spirit was given the nickname Bulldog by legendary LA Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. In his seventeen year career with the Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, SF Giants and NY Mets he won 204 games and struck out 2014 hitters. It was his 1988 season with the Dodgers that put him on the forefront of the national sports consciousness. In that season, Orel led the Dodgers, who did not have the big stars as other teams, to the World Series. He was an All Star, won a gold glove, the Cy Young award, the NLCS MVP AND the World Series MVP. He led the league in wins with and innings with 267. His biggest accomplishment was setting the major league record with 59 consecutive shutout innings, which had previously been held by Don Drysdale. He threw complete game shutouts against the Braves, Reds, Braves again, Astros and Giants. He would set the record against the Padres by pitching ten scoreless innings.

The Set

The 1994 Fleer Flair was the definition of high end for its time. The card stock was twice as thick as regular cards, and both sides used nice action photos. It was four bucks a pack then, but it was top shelf since the memorabilia cards had not started.

The Back

This card back includes a full bleed action photo and full career stats over it. You can tell they were trying to rethink what a card was supposed to look like.


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