Opening Day Fun on Opening Day

There is a contest over at Waxaholic. In this contest, anyone who wanted to enter had to post a comment about their favorite pizza, favorite team, favorite Braves player and non Braves player. After several unsuccessful attempts, I was able to post using an old login from my old blog . He would open a pack of 2011 Topps Opening Day for each contestant and award points base of what they said and the cards in the pack.

Here is my pack for the contest.


Its good to see a couple of Reds in my pack as I grew up near Cincinnati.

The mascot cards are cool, and they are the only entities in baseball with bigger heads than the Yankees!

Here is what Waxaholic wrote about my pack and I.


I had forgotten about that blog. I am going to try to restart it with my son and daughter if I can get packs on the cheap.

When I told my wife what he said, she said “My pizza is worth at least two points!” She is right. That pizza is the truth.

The coolest thing is through the first day, I was on top of the leaderboard! I probably won’t end up there, but hey, anything is possible on opening day!


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