Number 180!

I would like to take one post away from baseball to show off my newest football card. My Pro Football HOF collection has been sitting on 179 for a while, and I wanted number 180 to be something cool. To me, this card is cool. It is a 1951 Bowman Arnie Weinmeister. Being a 1951 Bowman means it is now the oldest card in my collection and this happens to be Arnie’s rookie card. It is rather beat up, but for the price, I will not complain too much. The funny thing is the ebay page listed it as fair. I would hate to see what they would list as poor. Arnie was a defensive tackle for six years in the AAFC and NFL who was known for his speed and size. He was second team all AAFC as a rookie and first team all AAFC in his second year  with NY Yankees as well  as an unanimous all NFL selection each year he was in the NFL with the NY Giants. Cleveland Browns HOFer Dante Lavelli said “It was a wonder to see him on the field”. He was elected to the HOF in 1984 and he passed away in 2000.



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