Pack Time – 2012 Topps Stickers

And now for something completely different (for my blog)…

I had seen these sticker packs on other blogs, but had never purchased any. When I was in town I found some for 99 cents and bought one for kicks and giggles. They are a lot smaller than I thought, but the design is nice. It reminds me of the stickers I used to get as a kid. Here is my pack and comments.


Kevin Youkilis – YOUUUK! If he ever stays healthy, he is a beast… a Greek God, if you will.


Todd Helton – Mister Rockie is a class act and hopefully a Cooperstown inductee one day.


Grady Sizemore – He has so much talent, it is a shame he can not stay healthy.


Mark Ellis –  Mark is the greatest player ever … from South Dakota.


Hanley Ramirez – HanRam is a great talent, but that photo looks shooped, I can tell from the pixels.


Jose Bautista – Whoever got Jose figured out should be the new batting coach for the Cubs, Joey Bats is a bad dude.


Carlos Beltran – Beltran is a solid CF and it will be interesting to see what is legacy will be. Also shooped.


Eric Hosmer – This guy is supposed to be the next big thing, although the photo looks like it belongs in a high school yearbook.

In all, I am happy with this pack, some stars and no Yankees.

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