Eclectic Collection Number 37 – 1988 Score Fernando Valenzuela


The Player

Before Stephen Strasburg set the baseball world on its ear, it was another rookie pitcher named Fernando Valenzuela. He went from a tiny village in Mexico to the LA Dodgers, where in his magical 1981 season, he won the Rookie of the Year, Cy Young Award, the Silver Slugger and the World Series. In the 1981 season, he started 8 – 0 with five shutouts and a ERA of 0.50, which started the craze known as Fernandomania. He was best known for his less than athletic physique and his biting screwball. He also played for the California Angels, Baltimore Orioles, Philadelphia Phillies, SD Padres and St  Louis Cardinals. He finished his career with a record of 173 – 153, a 3.54 ERA and 2074 strikeouts.

The Set

The 1988 Score set is the first one made for baseball. Unlike first sets from other companies, Score debuted with good photography and card stock.

The Back

This back has the portrait, stats and player write-up. It was a back design Score kept for several years and it works well for this set, especially for younger collectors in the pre internet age.



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