Best Bonus Cards EVAH!

A few days ago I won an auction for cards on eBay (for what you ask? tune in tomorrow). I was really happy to be getting the cards, but I did not expect anything strange. I received the package today and it felt thicker than what it should be. When I opened it, the outside cards were ones I was not expecting AT ALL.


This is the first one, a 2005 Bowman throwback threads card of Vincent Jackson. VJ was a wide receiver for the SD Chargers and had been picked for two pro bowls and has had three 1000 yard seasons. I am not normally a jersey card guy, but a free one is really cool, especially since he has been good.


This is the second one, a 1986 Topps Joe Montana. My first reaction was, “I must already have that is my collection. I can’t be that lucky.” I checked my binder and it turns out I do NOT have it. If you do not know who Joe Montana is, he is perhaps the greatest winner in modern NFL history with four Super Bowls for the SF 49ers.

What can beat a jersey card and a old Joe Montana card? I will let you know tomorrow.

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