Eclectic Collection Number 42 – 1991 Fleer Barry Bonds


The Player

Barry Bonds had two careers as a baseball player. The first was as a five tool star with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The second was as an otherworldly slugger with the SF Giants. He owns the single season and career home run records. He was also a 14 time all star, eight time gold glove winner, 12 time silver slugger winner and was awarded the NL MVP award seven times. He finished his career with a .298 batting average, 762 home runs, 1,996 RBI 514 stolen bases and 2,558 walks. All of this would add up to a first ballot HOF induction, but his allegations of steroid use puts that possibility in doubt.  

The Set

This card is from the 1991 Fleer set. That set is an example of the junk wax era and was overproduced, making these cards basically worthless. The design can be described as very yellow, which is the identifying characteristic of the cards.

The Back

This card back includes single season and career statistics and a portrait photo on the top of the card. There is also a small team logo near the portrait and a blurb about the player at the bottom of the card.



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