Finally, 2012 Topps First Pack

Behold, the first pack of 2012 Topps football cards!

I will show all the cards in the pack and assign points to them. The points mean nothing, just like on Whose Line.

The first card is a Ram. Could have been worse. 6.

Joe Thomas. Future Hall of Famer. You heard it here first. 8.

Tough DE for all the Eagles fans around here. 7.

Are the Raiders still in the league? 4.


I really like this design. I just wish it had been Aaron Rodgers. 8.

I think this is really generic. 6.

First rookie and its a &*#@ Jet. 4.

A Cardinals QB… Blahh. 4.

And a new Bengal. Please stay out of prison. 5.

Now Topps is just trolling me. The Bills have not played in 20 years. LOL. 5.

and finally, Drew Breees end zone dude. 7.

In all, not the best pack in the world, but I finally got my football.


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