Card Battle 2012 Topps Football

So I took my daughter to the store today and picked up a double pack of 2012
Topps football cards. Since card related activity should make it to the blog, I
decided to a intra pack battle, bottom vs top.I use the typical 1 – 10 scale
with 10 being the best. Away we go with the bottom part of the pack.

Akeem Ayers – Titans LB
I have never heard of him, but the photo is nice. 4.

Calvin Johnson – Lions WR
I HAVE heard of him! MEGATRON! 9.

Daniel Thomas – Dolphins RB
A Dolphin! 8.

Dustin Keller – Jets RB
A Jet after a Dolphin. Really? 2.

Roy Helu – Redskins RB
Helu is kind of a cool last name. 2.

Dallas Clark – Colts TE

Jonathan Stewart – Panthers RB
Not a superstar, but very solid. 6.

Jeremy Maclin – Eagles WR
Good card of a Philly Eagle. 6.

Paramount Pairs Tannehill and Gray
A Tannehill card is super cool. 8.

1965 style Daniel Thomas – Dolphins RB
ANOTHER Daniel Thomas Card? What am I, a supercollector? 8.

Ronnie Hillman – Broncos RB
Interesting design. Not a fan of the photo. 5.

Robert Meacham – Chargers WR
I swear I know of him, but I don’t know why. 4.

Ryan Tannehill – Dolphins QB
A Tannehill Rookie!!! This is probably the best RC I will get. 10.

Andre Branch – Jaguars DE
A little defense? 4.

Riley Reiff – Lions OT
Oh bless his heart, he plays for the Lions. 4.

Brandon Weeden – Browns QB
Oh bless HIS heart, he is a Browns QB. 4.

Carson Palmer – Raiders QB
Here is the smartest guy in the NFL. He left Cincinnati. 6.
Total: 98 points.
The top will be challenged to beat that!


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