Card Battle 2012 Topps Football Part 2

Here is Part two of the double pack battle for 2012 Topps football.

Aaron Rodgers – Packers QB
Challenge accepted. 10.

Dexter McCluster – Chiefs RB
Never heard of him, but thats OK. 3.

Devin Hester – Bears KR
Oh WOW, I really enjoy watching Hester! 9.

Ed Dickson – Ravens TE
Instead of catching flack, this guy is catching Flacco. 4.

Aldon Smith – 49ers LB
I really like the photo, but it looks like he has two different jersey numbers. 5.

Mike Thomas – Jaguars WR
I got nothing on him. 4.

Malcom Floyd – Chargers WR
If he is a slot reciever, does that make him Malcom in the Middle? 4.

Denarius Moore – Raiders WR
One second later and Moore drops the ball. It is the rule with the Raiders. 4.

Toby Gerhart – Vikings RB
Mr 13th round draft pick. 5.

Gold Sebastian Janikowski – Raiders K
If I am going to get a kicker, it might as well be a Gold Seabass. 8.

QB Immortals Troy Aikman – Cowboys
I will grade this one purely on design. 8.

Josh Freeman – Bucs QB
Rising QB star. 6.

Andre Roberts – Cardinals WR
Sigh. You could not be Larry Fitzgerald, could you? 3.

Julius Peppers – Bears DE
Peppers may be to “hot” for offensive lineman to handle. 7.

Mohamed Sanu – Bengals WR
Please dude, stay out of prison. 4.

Courtney Upshaw – Ravens LB
Welcome to the NFL kid. Here is your mentor, Ray freaking Lewis. 5.

Andrew Luck – Colts QB
BREAKING NEWS: I am one lucky card dude!!!! 10.

Reggie Wayne – Colts WR
This dude is the man. They should name a county in Indiana after him! 10.

Dez Bryant – Cowboys WR
Number 88 for the Cowboys. Hope he is as good as advertised. 7.

Total: 116 points.
Challenge accepted and blown away.

In a walk, the win goes to the top part of the pack!!









One Response to “Card Battle 2012 Topps Football Part 2”

  1. Jeremythephotoguy Says:

    The top part of the pack definitely wins. You got a cool Aaron Rodgers card, an Aikman, and a Luck rookie. The Malcom action shot is cool too. Nice pun.

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