Things One Learns

This is Rob Gronkowski, star TE for the New England Patriots.


He is one of the biggest stars at his position, and a record breaker with a strong alpha male streak.

In the last year I began to do research on a project. I was wondering who would be the best players at each position, who played college football in each state. I was not sure about his background, so I looked up where he went to college. As it turns out, he went to Arizona. I checked my Arizona file to see who I had at TE. It was this guy.


Jerry Smith was a TE for the Redskins form 1965 – 1977.  He was twice a Pro Bowler and finished his career with 60 touchdown catches and 5496 receiving yards. Smith has the advantage for the foreseeable future. His life after football is surprising. He passed away of AIDS in1986, keeping his homosexuality a secret to his grave. I wonder how much his need to keep his life hidden from others contributed to premature death. It is tragic that anyone has to hide who they really are and we should be willing to listen and love others.


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