The Big Card Show Tomorrow

So tomorrow is the big day! My daughter and I are going to Camden, DE for the yearly card show. Since I don’t go to these too often I have to make an action plan to best utilize my time and money. These are the cards I am looking for on this trip.

1. Eclectic collection cards. I have written about these cards in the past and in a year, I have collected 150 such cards. Due to the tricky nature of the collection, this is my one chance to pick up cards for this. My goal is to get 50 cards for this collection.

2. Baseball HOF collection. My goal is to complete more Topps player runs like the ones I have already posted. I have my checklist made and am ready to go.

3. Football HOF collection. I do not expect to find a player I don’t have, but I would like to get some back catalog cards.

4. Future HOFers. I can certainly look for Topps cards of guys I think will be inducted like Warren Sapp.

5. Expos collection. I am building a collection of 1 card of each guy who played for the Expos. If I could get some ones I’m missing, I would be happy.

6. Frankenset. One Topps card per team, per year. If I can get some 60’s cards for cheap, I would do it.


While this seems all kinds of confusing, I do have a strategy. I would start with a walkthrough of the entire floor, then go to the dime boxes with a fine tooth comb. After that, I would go to quarter and three/dollar boxes for deals. I would also keep a few bucks for a big time purchase just in case.



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