Got Em, Need Em, Football HOF Finalists Edition

The Football HOF final 25 were released. These are the players on the list. I checked the future HOF binder, and I am not doing as well as I had hoped. Here is the list and my status on each one.

Jonathan Ogden. Need em.

Warren Sapp. Need em.

Michael Strahan. 1999 Topps. May be picked first ballot, but Kelly Ripa won’t.

John Lynch. 1999 Topps. Would knock out his brother in law, and did.

Larry Allen. 1995 Topps. The anchor of the Cowboys line. Could also anchor the Titanic.

Morten Andersen. 1988 Topps. Longshot for induction, but I am set just in case.

Jerome Bettis. Need em.

Tim Brown. Need em.

Cris Carter. 1989 Topps. I do not get why he isn’t in, but I have the rookie.

Charles Haley. 1993 Topps. Five rings may get him in.

Kevin Greene. Need em.

Will Shields. Need em.

Andre Reed. 1991 Topps. There is another HOF worthy Buffalo player.

Aeneas Williams. Need em.

Randall Cunningham. Need em.

Terrell Davis. Need em.

Eddie George. 1997 Topps. The bar is so high for skill players, it will be tough.

Sterling Sharpe. Need em.

Tony Boselli. Need em.

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