My Top 5 Favorite WR

The Chronicles of Fuji posted an interesting question for bloggers. Who are your top five favorite wide receivers? I had to think about it, but I came up with five and here they are.

5. Issac Bruce – Back in the day when the Rams were the best show in football, Ike was my favorite in the team. I hope he gets in the hall one day.


4. Calvin Johnson – Megatron is probably the best WR in the league. I just wish he was a Miami Dolphin. 😦


3. Marvin Harrison – Its the quiet one you have to watch out for, and the ones with mad speed and hands like glue, but mostly the quiet ones.


2. Reggie Wayne – He is so good, there should be a county in Indiana named for him!!


1. Jerry Rice – Seriously, the greatest football player I have ever seen.




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