1990 Topps Want List

I received a 1990 Topps set a few months back, and just finished putting it in a binder. The set is missing 65 cards. If you have any of these, let me know.

6 Vince Coleman RB

7 Rickey Henderson RB

8 Cal Ripken RB

30 David Cone

41 Matt Williams

70 Mike Greenwell

83 Hensley Meulens

100 Will Clark

121 Robin Ventura

130 Bert Blyleven

147 Chuck Finley

185 Ruben Sierra

200 Don Mattingly

210 Ryne Sandberg

220 Barry Bonds

224 Delino DeShields

245 Roger Clemens

250 Jose Canseco

260 Eric Davis

270 Dave Stewart

273 Bobby Bonilla

283 Albert Belle

295 Fred McGriff

300 Bo Jackson

331 Juan Gonzalez

336 Ken Griffey Jr

385 Fred McGriff AS

387 Wade Boggs AS

388 Cal Ripken AS

390 Ruben Sierra AS

396 Bart Giamatti MEM

397 Will Clark AS

398 Ryne Sandberg AS

399 Howard Johnson AS

401 Kevin Mitchell AS

402 Eric Davis AS

403 Tony Gwynn AS

414 Frank Thomas

431 Randy Johnson

432 Damasco Garcia

450 Rickey Henderson

485 John Candelaria

500 Kevin Mitchell

506 Tom Glavine

510 Dwight Gooden

515 Len Dykstra

530 Mark Langston

555 Julio Franco

567 Ron Gant

570 Cal Ripken

580 Joe Carter

589 Mike Aldrete

600 Darryl Strawberry

660 Vince Coleman

662 Mike Schmidt TBC

674 Spike Owen

680 Howard Johnson

690 Mark McGwire

700 Kirby Puckett

714 Marquis Grissom

715 Greg Maddux

730 Tony Gwynn

757 Larry Walker

760 Wade Boggs

774 Ben McDonald


2 Responses to “1990 Topps Want List”

  1. Jeremiah Erickson Says:

    I actually have many of these. Perhaps not all but most available. I don’t have some of the AS cards or future HOFers. I can narrow you down to a handful of these as I am currently sorting through a bunch of these, perhaps 3,000 I acquired in a large lot purchase, which unfortunately was stripped of all value. Nonetheless it is fun to go through cards from my youth. Let me know if you still need these as in undoubtedly have nearly any common unless it was an AS from that part of the set, a real HOF or Steroid Era Superstar. I do have Larry Walker, Ron Gant, Marquis Grissom, that Vince Coleman RB etc those are right next to me right now.

  2. carmella Says:

    Hi I have 19 of the cards you listed. Please let me know if you are still looking. Thanks.

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