HOF Case Number One

I am working on a series of HOF case studies, and this is the first one. This one is a first baseman. There are five first baseman who played after WW2, Harmon Killebrew, Orlando Cepeda, Willie McCovey, Tony Perez and Eddie Murray.

This guy’s BA was ranked third on the list, OBP is first, slugging is second (behind Willie McCovey). His power number (home runs plus one half of doubles per 162 games) ranked second (behind only Harmon Killebrew). His fielding percentage was on par with the others (.992) and his Range Factor per game is also on par with the members of the Hall.

He is also, from all known reports, to be steroid free.

Who is it?



2 Responses to “HOF Case Number One”

  1. topher Says:

    Sure, but do the writers like the guy? THAT’S what really matters. 😉

    • vonscards Says:

      Sadly, i kinda noticed that. 🙂 If Chris maddog Russo had his way, Eddie Murray wouldn’t be in the HOF. I just wish people would understand the actual hall before they ran their mouths about it.

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