Dream Set

Here is my question for those of you out there: What would be the one set that you want that is just out of reach? 

Mine is the 1957 Topps baseball, classic design, awesome player selection, and the first set that fits in the standard 9 card sheets. The reasons I don’t collect it are as follows:

1. I don’t have a starter set. Kinda hard to get going without it.

2. I have three Topps sets that are not complete, so they come first.

3. No one I know here has any 1957 Topps.

4. Cost.

On the cost aspect, sportlots has a lot of cards that I could theoretically afford, but there are about two dozen cards that range from “kinda pricey” to “rent payment”.




5 Responses to “Dream Set”

  1. commishbob Says:

    Probably the 1960 Topps baseball set. As much as I love my ’59 set (I blog it) the first cards I remember owning were from the 1960 set. I already chase the managers and All Star cards casually because I think they are so much fun. And I have a few of the stars and semi-stars already so it wouldn’t be like starting from scratch. And there’s the nostalgia factor of the gold colored backs that remind me so much of my early collecting days.

    • vonscards Says:

      1960 would be cool. How many of the cards would be out of your price range?

      • commishbob Says:

        I lack both Mantle cards and the Clemente. I have the Yaz rookie and Maris All Star. I have other priorities though like a Philly Gum football set so my budget likely will not allow both

      • vonscards Says:

        Which Philly football set are you chasing?

      • commishbob Says:

        I’ll probably go after the ’64 set. It has the most appeal to me with the ’66 next. I like how in the ’64 Browns’ cards Jimmy Brown’s Cadillac sits in the background.

        I have the Colts out of all the sets for the most part and the ’66 Jim Brown. I need to look at which one makes the most sense based on what I already have.

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