Custom Cards

I have created the front of some custom cards. I have also seen custom card created on different blogs. I think this might be a first though.



A custom card on eBay? That seems really illegal, but its kinda cool.

What custom cards would you want?



3 Responses to “Custom Cards”

  1. commishbob Says:

    Earlier this year I bought a custom card of Arizona Cardinal running back William Powell on eBay. It wasn’t made to resemble any specific real set.

    I had picked Powell up on waivers with the idea he might produce something for me during my regulars’ bye weeks. I have a card of every player I’ve owned in the 33 years I’ve had my team. A handful I’ve had to make but my card making skills are just terrible. So a nice card, even an unlicensed one worked for me.

    The Powell card was overpriced (considering I only kept him two weeks!) but pretty cool.

    • vonscards Says:

      First of all, 33 years of fantasy football is wild! Second, I am kinda surprised the card companies and league does not go after people who create cards to resemble a certain set. Cards like the one you describe are more like artwork, so I can see them not messing as much with them. can you show me what the card looks like?

  2. commishbob Says:

    Von, I blogged about it right here. It’s the second one down. Doesn’t look nearly as nice as it does in person because of the ‘shiny’ “3-D”ish front side. It doesn’t scan very well.

    And yes, 33 years is a long time to play in a fantasy football league. But it’s been a great way for me and my college friends to keep up with each other.

    this is the 2012 site.

    And here is my league News Blog.

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