Five Things I Hate About the Hobby

My question of the day: What are five things that you hate about the trading card hobby.

My answers:

1. Rude card store owners. I have never understood why they always treated me like a bother when I was spending my money in their store.

2. One of ones. I think they are ridiculous. 

3. Topps Traded/Update. Its part of the set, but it isn’t. Aggravating for a Topps guy like me.

4. Packs of cards that are more than 20 dollars. I feel that this is missing the whole point of cards. They are meant to be a fun social experience, not a isolated treasure hunt.

5. Rookie Mania. I don’t hate this per se, I just think its kinda crazy to see a serial numbered card of Andrew Luck going for more than a Johnny Unitas rookie. It strikes me as a huge stock market, and I don’t like that.



One Response to “Five Things I Hate About the Hobby”

  1. GCA Says:

    1. No shop owners. The local shop that I frequented since 1981 shut down more than a year ago. There are no other shops that have even close to the selection of singles that were there.

    2. Mojo hunters. People that bust high end packs, discarding the base cards like trash and then complaining that they didn’t get the superstar hit like in the sell sheets. Get over it.

    3. Topps parallels that only come a few in a pack. Go back to the whole blasters of them, then I would buy twice as many since I’d likely do the regular set and then the parallel. But I don’t need to get eight times as many regular cards to get the parallels.

    4. Traders that want only specific high end cards for anything they have. I don’t buy high end, but might want your base cards for my player or team collections. You’re not getting that auto jersey refractor /5 from me any time soon.

    5. Rookie mania. I agree. If I sort in teams, the rookies go in the back. Why does every set (even the retro ones that focus on players that have accomplished major things) be stuffed with rookies that haven’t done anything? Put the rookies in Bowman and flagship and leave them out of everything else. MLBPA, let them do sets of retired players again!

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