The Curious Case of Jon Deeble

Funny thing about blogging, you could start with one idea, and end up somewhere completely different. Case in point: Jon Deeble.

Jon Deeble is the manager for team Australia in the World Baseball Classic, which starts tonight. I wanted to spotlight cards of all the WBC managers and when I got to him I found that I could not find an image of his card anywhere. This includes eBay, COMC and Google.  

Then it got stranger.

It turns our Deeble was the manager of the 2000 Utica Blue Sox, which was a low level minor league team in New York. He is in the set, but Ill be darned if I can find a scan. But there are scans of three other cards from that set, all of whom are BIG stars.

Here they are:



Adrian Gonzalez is now the first baseman for the Dodgers and Josh Willingham is an outfielder for the Twins.

There was one other card.



Yep, Mr Triple Crown himself!!

Makes me wonder if Jon Deeble tells stories of the season he managed three hitters who would make the heart of any team’s order?


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