Sportlots Fail, Then Win

I ordered some cards two weeks ago from Sportlots, and I looked forward to getting them in the mail. I waited a week, and nothing. I waited 10 days, and nothing. Here it is two weeks later, and nothing. I knew the seller was good, so I was baffled as to why they were not here. We were cleaning the house today and my wife hands me an envelope. She said, “I found this on the kitchen table.” I had to keep from loling. I got the cards before I complained to Sportlots or sent an angry email.

I will be catching up with the new cards in the next couple of days.


One Response to “Sportlots Fail, Then Win”

  1. thoughtsandsox Says:

    One time I found a card package under the seat of my wife’s car. She had no idea how long ago it was she dropped them there while getting the mail. Good thing it was a surprise package and not something I was expecting like in your case.

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