Football HOF Most Wanted

After six years of collecting I have managed to get my needs list down to these. Most of these are realistic, eventually.

TONY CANADEO – Early 50’s, kinda tough.

BILL DUDLEY – Another early 50’s tough find.

SAMMY BAUGH – Redskins QB is really tough to get. Could be the last one I find.

BOB WATERFIELD – Rams QB is not cheap, but it is possible to find one.

STEVE VAN BUREN – My best chance is a cheaper 51 Bowman.

GEORGE MCAFEE – I may have to look for a 49 Leaf for this one.

DOAK WALKER – Has cards through 1955 Bowman, is easier than the others on this list.

SID LUCKMAN – Bears QB is second to Sammy Baugh in price. Plus he kinda looks like the guy in Animal House.

ALEX WOJCIECHOWICZ – May be easier to find if anyone could spell his name.

If you happen to see any of these, please let me know. I would appreciate it.



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