500 Dollar Challenge Part 2

Yesterday I discussed what football card I would get with a 500 dollar limit. Today I am looking at baseball. Picking a baseball card is different for me than picking a football card. Baseball cards have a longer history with more legends than football does. To pick a baseball card for this challenge I decided I would look for:

1. Professional graded – If I am going to spend that kind of dough, it had darn well be real.

2. Pre WW2 – I only have two pre WW2 cards and I would like more.

3. A Big Time name or set – I want something that is off the charts cool.

Here are some of the ones I would consider.

ImageA Honus Wagner pin? No one I know has that.

ImageTy Cobb listed as a manager is just strange to me.

ImageThe Babe as a pitcher is even stranger.





Tobacco cards of Cy Young, Walter Johnson or Christy Matthewson? Getting closer…

But, for the one I personally would pick, I went a bit of the board.

ImageHOFer? Check.

Old? Check.

Mind bendingly cool set? Check.

Native of Indiana? Bonus Check.

I know its 150 bucks under budget, but I think I would pick the Three Finger Brown T3. It is just too darn cool.






One Response to “500 Dollar Challenge Part 2”

  1. commishbob Says:

    That T3 Mordicai Brown is about as cool as it gets. I saw and almost picked the Babe Ruth strip card you have there for the first challenge. Today I went and dug up some tobacco cards for this challenge. I already have a Christy Mathewson so I found a nice walter johnson. He’s one guy I have nothing of and I’ve long wanted a card of his. Here’s the link

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