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Here is another card industry doom article. They go to one store and think the whole thing is done for. First of all, If I am ever in Georgia I am so going to that store. Secondly, there are two different hobbies, the high dollar hobby, and the cheaper hobby that is still fun. The turning point for the hobby was in the 1980’s when people started thinking of cards as stocks. This was a time when people thought of everything as stocks, and we were worse off for it. Now the stock people have their hobby and the rest of us can have fun. I personally think that as long as kids watch baseball there will still be cards.

What do you think?


One Response to “NY Times Article”

  1. The Shlabotnik Report Says:

    This reminds me of a couple of years ago, during the depths of the recession, when I went to hear some recruiters speak at an event sponsored by a local professionals group. The recruiters were all doom and gloom about the job market, and even though I wasn’t looking for a job, it got me depressed… Until I realized that the job market WAS all doom-and-gloom for the recruiters. When there’s a down economy and above-average inflation, using a recruiter to fill an opening is probably a last resort for many companies.

    The article is probably right that there’s not an encouraging future for card shop owners and investors… but that doesn’t mean the hobby is dead.

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