Current HOF List



As a collector of Hall of Famers, I found this article talking about active players who may make it to Cooperstown one day to be very interesting. Here are my thoughts.

1. Some of the people who write comments need to get some fresh air and enroll into a reading comprehension course.

2. The steroid era has created a lack of active legends in 2013. This means that other than the handful of legends (Jeter, Mo, Pujols), a lot of the names are either Veterans Committee or just starting the journey.

3. I wonder if this list was created 20 years ago, who would they have put on the list.

4. Clayton Kershaw as this century’s Sandy Koufax just seems … odd.

5. I think it would be the height of irony if Arod get inducted in the Hall class of 2143, long after he, I and everyone else on earth right now is gone.

6. This list will make a lot more sense in ten years. Maybe. Hopefully.



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