Football Picture Battle Part 1

I left town over the weekend, so my posts were rather sporadic. But I have something planned. Before I left, I purchased three packs of football cards, 2012 Topps, 2013 Topps and 2013 Score. I decided to go through each pack and compare just the photos, to see which ones are the best photos to me as a collector.

Let us begin.



JJ Watt is playing the Colts in this one. This angle makes him look bigger than he seems on video.



Classic football photo action shot.




Vick is playing the Cardinals in this one. He seems to be running for his life.

I will pick the Score on this one. You could in pin down the game and probably the play if you wanted to, plus it is the classic example of what Mike Vick does. Maybe the one flaw is the defender who is only 10 percent there.


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