Would You Buy This – Video Edition Part 2

Because I live in the land of the cheapie packs, I rarely get to see how the other half lives. I happened to be on Youtube and I found videos for this product for 2013 Leaf Ink football. One pack is 130 dollars and you get five authenticated HOF autographed cards. Check it out.

My question to you is: Would this be something you would consider purchasing? What if it were a baseball product? Or perhaps a four sport product? How much would you be willing to spend on something like this?



One Response to “Would You Buy This – Video Edition Part 2”

  1. Fuji Says:

    I’d probably pick up a box if they were half the price. I can’t speak for football, but I’ve picked up psa/dna autographs of baseball legends on ebay for $10 to $15 (and I was able to choose which guys I wanted).

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