My First Card From The Show

Since this was my first card show in a year and a half, I wanted to be careful before purchasing something. I walked around the entire show before I started to make decisions. The first table I carefully went through belonged to the guy who ran the show. I saw this card and immediately put it in my pile.



George Blanda is one my my favorite football greats. His incredible career spanned 1949 – 1975. My only card of his was from 1971 and I wanted something earlier for the front of my binder. This definitely qualifies. For one dollar and fifty cents, this was also a better price than I have ever seen a Blanda card on ebay or anywhere else. This now occupies a spot in the front of my binder with the rest of my football legends.



One Response to “My First Card From The Show”

  1. sanjosefuji Says:

    You should go straight to jail… don’t pass go. You absolutely got a steal of a deal. Congratulations.

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